About Me


Hello and welcome to Londonlawandmore.com

Growing up in Surrey, I always wanted to live in London in my twenties.

Fortunately for me, this dream became a reality in 2012 after reading history at the University of Exeter for three years. Although, London living was not immediately what I dreamt it up to be. Two years of law school (GDL and LPC) had to be conquered first, a mountain of training contract applications had to be written, checked and sent out to the respective law firms before I could really start enjoying myself.

Now having secured a training contract and working as a paralegal (before starting my TC in September 2017) I am starting to find my London comfort zone (currently located in East London’s zone 2).

Lots of friends, family, family-friends and friends of far distant connections have kindly helped me achieve my goal offering advice worth their weight combined in gold.

So… I thought it was only fair to share some of this adopted wisdom.

My aim in writing this blog is to share some tips and simultaneously my story to hopefully encourage those attempting a career in law to pursue their goals even if at first it does not all fall into place straight away. One thing you soon realise is experience is always welcomed, no matter what area of the law it is you wish to build a career in.

The main reasoning behind this blog was to revel in the legal landscape and build up something new; however, I could not let the opportunity go past without also occasionally passing comments on and revealing some fun things to do in my much loved home and capital city!!

I am always looking for new suggestions and inspiring things to blog about. If your company or your product would be fitting for my blog, please contact me directly here and I promise to respond to everyone personally.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in this adventure.



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