Sushi Eatery, Soho

Sushi is quickly becoming one of my favourite lunchtime options, but it is not easy to find in London if you want both cheap and good quality.

Although I do not work close enough for this to be a lunchtime treat, it definitely was worth having a boring lunch to go there for an amazing dinner. For a Tuesday night it was fairly busy – this place must be an absolute goldmine, the tables are turned very quickly and there were diners solo, in couples and groups. They try and fit everyone in, imagine a jigsaw puzzle mastermind meets a waitress- this is the situation here.

When you walk in from Frith Street, you will be met with a few tables upstairs (nice enough) but my friend (who recommended this spot to me) asked to eat downstairs, at first you think everyone is sat crossed legged like in a school assembly hall (albeit with the luxury of a cushion) but actually the low table to floor ratio is deceptive as you are seated in zashiki-style. This traditional style eating space has been customised to allow a cut-out area beneath the table which allows your legs to hang. It was not the most elegant of entrances by me, at 5’8ft and wearing a skirt I tried to fold myself into the seated spot- which once into is very comfy it just takes some wriggling to get there. I did see a very tall guy do this with much better flow than I managed (I am happy to try again, practice makes perfect). The tables seat approximately 6 to 8 people so expect to share your table if you’re in a smaller group and it gets busy (which undoubtedly it will do).

You will not go hungry! 

We had the set price menu which included up to 6 rounds of cold sushi (you can choose up to 6 sushi dishes in one round), one hot round of dishes (including: dumplings, katsu, beef or chicken teriyaki, sweet potato tempura, edamame, king prawn tempura, wasabi calamari etc). I have included in the header photo a snap of how you order, very handy tick box system. 

The bill will not break the bank either. Ours came to £41 for two with service (no alcohol- it was a school night at the beginning of the week). It is very reasonable (handy for those who might still be feeling the effects of buying presents and splurging on too many mulled wines over Christmas).
Some photos:

Our first round of sushi rolls and sashimi (my favourite were the soft shell crab rolls!!) 

The hot food selection

As a heads up, they only take cash as payment. There is a handily positioned cash point around the corner on Regent street.
This is one, of two Dozo eateries in London, the other is in South Kensington. Might have to try this one out and see if it’s as good.




I have been wanting to try this restaurant out for too long. It is now easily one of my favourite lunch spots, if you’re not partaking in the January healthy eating fad head down here for some winter comfort food at its absolute best. There will more than likely be a queue but honestly the dishes are worth the short wait (be estimated our wait time to be roughly 20mins ish).

The portions are not huge and we watched two girls and a couple share three plates between the two of them- this seems more sensible looking back (it’s hard not to be greedy when the menu looks as good as it does). It is very reasonably priced especially for the quality – the fussiest of eaters would be pacified by the concise menu.


We were really lucky to get a spot at the bar as you walk in. The view of the kitchen space is fantastic and you feel part of the production.

I chose the 8 hour shin beef ragu which was delicious. It also arrived hot with lashings of parmesan on top.



Som Saa

Som Saa, 43a Commercial Street, London E1 6BD (020 7324 7790). 

Thai food is definitely one of my favourites and Som Saa is full on fantastic from the bar at the entrance to the beautiful flavours packed into each dish and on top of that the staff are extremely attentive. I rang earlier in the day to try and blag a table for three (you can only book for tables of 4+, top tip go as a four if possible because you don’t have to share a big table with other diners and you get sat in a bench style booth- so grab your best mate and boyfriends or whoever!)  It’s reccomended to pick four or five dishes between two on the menu but make sure you leave room for dessert, tamarind grilled banana and salted sugar palm ice cream. It was absolutely worth the five star rave reviews!  I had a lovely evening catching up with family over some great food& wine. 

Tamarind chicken 

Beef curry (also tried the special of the day a duck curry, this was gobbled pre- photo!) 

Pork neck curry 

Dessert -sated sugar palm ice dean and grilled banana 



Forest Bar on the Roof, Selfridges

Just past the Chanel perfume counter is an express lift that takes you up to a beautiful rooftop bar. A beautiful setting for dinner or drinks- this place takes some beating in my book. Immediately you are greeted by a festive foliage with a dreamlike atmosphere and disco ball lit arch alleyway.

image1-4Beautifully dressed ladies greet you as you come through the arches and take you to your table or to the bar as we wished to sample the cocktails first before sampling an array of delights from the dinner menu. image1-3The autumnal theme is evident in the main restaurant area as thin logs line the back wall, these glimmer in bronze and metallic gems with disco balls sporadically spread throughout the dining area. Delicate fairy lights cover the ceiling and street lamps create a warm glow. Cosy throws are casually hung across the backs of the chairs and scattered cushions entice you.


The pop-up offers a range of Christmas-themed cocktails including the Fancy Nogg, Spicy Cane and Gingerbread Choctail. I however, sampled some older classics including but not limited to: a white russian and an expresso martini to welcome in that friday feeling. Our waiter was very kind and attentive matching our meal choice to a great bottle of wine.

The hardest part of being here is deciding what to eat on the delicious menu. My friends and I sampled the swiss cheese fondue with garlic toast (instantly warming and perfect winter comfort food), the beef burger (with additional spicy avocado), steak and ale pie, highland venison and because we fancied treating ourselves we chose extra decadent sides.

How could you resist the truffle chips or baked cauliflower cheese?

image5  image4  image3  image1-5

Overall it was a sparkling night and a great location for an intimate dinner or a large scale christmas friends gathering.

For more information see their website here. SELFRIDGES, 400 OXFORD ST, LONDON W1A 1AB

020 7318 3287




IMG_7389This weekend we celebrated my friend’s birthday at Blixen in Spitalfields. A former bank transformed into a beautiful restaurant. Downstairs is a cocktail bar and the bank’s old safe, now a useful private dining room for 18.  This is where we set up for the evening. It was the perfect setting for a gorgeous three course set menu. Our personal waitress Jules was brilliant throughout the evening and the service really couldn’t be faulted.




The interior and decorations were all wonderful with lots of cute snug seating areas and brass details.


If desserts are as important to you as they are to me you will not be disappointed! They were berry good.



Bone Daddies

IMG_7252“Dear Lord- thank you for all the noodles I am about to eat. R-AMEN!!”IMG_7261




Girls and Boys- Napkins and Bibs at the ready!

No.1 this is a messy friendly noodley restaurant and defiantly not a new hot date spot! I cringed watching the couple over my friend’s shoulder flick ramen noodle juice over one another and trying to seductively eat the chicken wings (wow do these have a powerfully spicy kick). Nothing is designed for couples, the high bar stools are super slippery; I kept nearly landing on the floor (added excitement when you’re trying to remain seated and slurp ramen- practice makes perfect). Get prepared to know your neighbours as you sit on long communal style tables, some with a great view into the kitchen.

WILD SOFTSHELL CRAB green chilli ginger sauce: Served as a (3) as were the chicken wings. Maybe a bit shellfish of the chef as I would have wanted (4) for the value.  Both were nice but I would not rave about them.

IMG_7256 TONKOTSU RAMEN: Lovely broth and pork/spring onion combination. A very generous helping.IMG_7253








PADRONS, BACON & CHEDDAR: These were B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. If a little messy to eat, you quickly learn to adapt and not throw molten cheddar over yourself. But who cares you are wearing a bib!

IMG_7259EDAMAME (v): This is what it says on the tin really. Yummy green beans smothered in salt.IMG_7257








CHILLI CHICKEN & SPRING ONION: My favourite of the dishes we selected.IMG_7258

For me a high was the great quality service and decor.

A significant low was the horrendous hardcore rock blasted throughout!

For more information, see the Old Street Bone Daddies website. No reservations allowed.

View their promotions.



Crate Brewery

IMG_6717CRATE Brewery & Pizzeria
Unit 7, Queens Yard, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5EN

This is a gorgeous spot on the canal side in Hackney Wick, ideal for sunny saturdays with a large group of friends! The bar is on the ground floor of The White Building, which is a centre for art, technology, and sustainability.

Great for spotting hipsters beards, tattoos and stand up paddlers wizz past.



Brew Bar & Pizzeria Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 12:00 until 23:00 (Pizzeria closes at 22:00)
Friday & Saturday 12:00 until 00:00
(Pizzeria closes at 23:00)

Djs: Every Friday and Saturday night

Reservations: To reserve a table in the bar:


Call – 078 3427 5687IMG_6714

The bar itself is made of old railway sleepers; ladders and ratchet straps serve as amazingly comfy seating, and rusty old bed springs make for eccentric light fittings.


The most delicious hand rolled pizzas are made to order, take a peek at the menu. I chose the sage and truffle yumminess!





It was perfectly complimented by a sharing bottle of french apple cider.


Our view was of the Alfred Le Roy until this departed full to the brim with people off to view East London’s sights from the waterways.

Alfred Leroy, Canalside Mooring, Queen’s Yard, London, E9 5EN


Cider/Beer, Pizza, Canal side, Good people watching – what’s not to love?



J Sheekey

World famous Oysters, *5 service,  the best chocolate fondant and even more beautiful decor.

IMG_1016It is on the charm offensive from the word go – effortlessly done and with amazing results. If I had a bottomless bank account I would dine here for every dinner.

But it is worth a trip back alone for the expresso martinis, I want to lick my screen while typing this looking at this photo.