Luminere Lights London 2018

Rainy Sunday night of dreams. Treasure hunting doesn’t even do the Lumiere Lights justice! I went with no expectation and was pleasantly surprised. Walking around your own capital city is underrated especially seeing some of London’s most prize tourist attractions under new guises it felt like you were seeing it all for the first time.

We focused on Waterloo, Southbank and Westminster because it’s nearest to home and by the time I untucked myself from the duvet on a cold Sunday evening it’s all I could fit in before returning for my favourite Sunday night tv, Mcmafia – I love the plot and really looking forward to next weeks instalment.

So just in case you stayed tucked under your covers here are a few of my favourite bits:




Since when did my friends start getting married?? (also this now seems to be considered normality-*gulp*)

I was blown away by how amazing the whole Claridges experience is (helped by the fact her granny got married here in the 1950s- very nostalgic and special). The staff were incredibly helpful and polite. My favourite was ogling the gorgeous, elegant and sophisticated décor in every room.

It was a magical day from beginning to end. The hotel just oozes class. It was the perfect place to toast the wedding of my school friend Rhiannon and her husband Ed.

It was great to sit alongside my best friend (since aged zero).

Starter – Scallops

Mains: Cornish lobster risotto

Main: Angus Fillet with Roasted Parsnip and a side of butternut squash mac & cheese

Desserts: I chose a very warming oozy chocolate fondant

Hazelnut praline parfait with chocolate crumb

Petit-fours- choccies and marshmallow flumps

It was lovely to pick through all their wedding photos, to see old friends and eat/drink beautiful food and wine.

I didn’t want the day to end.

“To the bride and groom” *Cheers



Picasso portraits

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some complimentary tickets to see Picasso Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery this weekend. The exhibition spans 6 October 2016 to 5 February 2017 and it really is a ‘must-see’, there are over 80 works including portraits of his wife Olga , his friends and lovers. This show was far from ordinary and encompassed many early self-portraits, caricatures, sculptures and experiments in style. I particularly enjoyed the brief snapshot into his family life shown via a black and white short film.

Advance booking is highly recommended, it is worth noting the first 100 tickets every Friday for this exhibition are just £5.



NBA Basketball

Last night, I was taken to my first basketball game and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Highlights for me included chanting “D-Fence!”, listening to the national anthems from USA and UK, cheerleaders (shaking their umm… pom poms), trick shots during an amazing half-time floor show and also having “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” blasted through the 02!

Denver Nuggets ended a five-game losing streak with a 140-112 victory over the Indiana Pacers in the NBA’s Global Games series.

Some photos from the game:



Tube Strike 09.01.17

Yesterday, as I sat around the dinner table with a group of friends munching our gorgeous roast chicken and cheesecake feast (not together, we were civilised and had a main followed by dessert respectively). We braved ourselves for the impending tube strike hitting London today.

I thought at least if I had a hideous journey getting into work I could vent my anger in a funny blog post. Because… what is the point of having a blog without being allowed the occasional moan on behalf of London’s commuters? (all for one and one for all).

Yes it is true, the pavements were overflowing with people that obviously were lost, could not read their Google maps or just wanted to simply push those elbow-to-elbow with them off the curb with their dawdling speed. The roads were choker and many found it quicker to walk than take the buses (a stream of red lining the streets in standstill or snail crawling through the traffic). The most worrying was the beginner cyclist- some of these fully grown suited adults should still own stabilisers or should be designated as leafy park cyclists not to be let near main road junctions.

One woman was suitably prepped and sped past me on a micro-scooter (a fun 90’s reminder but not sure I would consider scooting into work yet).

Although within the madness and by taking a completely different route to work this morning, I did enjoy being part of something altogether, everyone trying against the odds to make it into work. The annoying this was I arrived early.

For more information see: or

If you are still trying to get into work- Good Luck! If you are working from home- I am very jealous and enjoy remote “working” in your pjs and Netflix on in the background.



Victoria Park Fireworks 2016

image1-8Remember Remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot! (slash… the 6th of November for Victoria Park’s display this year).

It is my favourite night of the year. Fact.

This year’s theme was the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Loud speakers read a sort of audiobook/poetic reading introducing the fireworks and a detailed banner of London’s slow burning skyline bordered the display.

I love getting all wrapped up and cosy before heading into the park all excited and following the crowds of eager faces. Big parka, bobble hat and scarf meant I was all set for the evening’s festivities.

The fireworks started fifteen minutes behind schedule at 7:15pm, building the anticipation amongst the swarms of awaiting east londoners jostling around to keep the evening’s chill off. I was lucky this year to have my best friend and also family with me to watch the display. We all abstained from our first mulled wine of the season (I am recently out of hospital, nothing major but still only a few days after having my appendix whipped out I thought it was better to be a sober Sally and like true friends they jumped on this bandwagon. Instead we munched through some sympathy Thornton’s choccies).

When the fireworks began, the jet black backdrop was set alight with glittering colours and twinkling blasts. My favourites were the big swooping golden fingers reaching down to the grass beneath them. If we could make this happen every week it would not be enough. Fireworks are infectious and seem to make everyone happy and in the mood for celebrating. How can anyone be miserable watching such a display? *did I mention its also totally free (unless you want to splash out on goodies from the numerous stalls nearby).

When the display was over, everyone whooped, whistled and applauded before slowly making their way back to toasty houses nearby. My bottom lip was firmly out – I don’t want to have to wait another year!!

I am loving looking though all instagram’s firework videos and photos. Tag your pictures on social media using #fireworksTH

image4-2 image3-3



Autumn is Here

Summer has officially past us by. Welcome Autumn and its beautiful smells, sights and sounds.

Last Sunday, I jumped on the train back to Surrey (just for the day). Our spot of choice was near Guildford.


As I left the chaos of NFL supporters making a beeline towards Twickenham behind me at Waterloo station I felt my whole body uncoil and relax. It was the weekend. It was ok weather and I was on my way to see friends and family. Joy!

We decided in preparation for our enormous Sunday roast to go on a long walk around Ranmore Common (it was particularly lovely as I remember this area from distant School days). The leaves crunched underfoot and the views were breathtaking. It made me realise how easy it was to escape from London for one day (it would also be lovely if you can take a couple days to make this into a little weekend break. Why not treat yourselves?).

My day was made more special by spending some time with my mum.

A few snaps from the walk:

image6 image3-2image2-3 image1-6

Fresh air, roast potatoes and family- all my favourite things (not in that order) wrapped up into one day.



Want to try a braid bar?

A different bar to the normally frequented locations!!

There are a couple braid bars to choose from but I chose for ease of location and close proximity to holiday shopping – Oxford Street’s Topshop basement braid bar. This will make waking up for a very early flight all the more stress free.


IMG_7832 & IMG_7833



Prices range from £15 and its very quick and painless. What a transformation, complaitments?

I did feel a bit of a fraud walking around afterwards- I woke up like this, promise…