Lemon health juice shots

It’s officially January and in a bid to keep the infamous January blues away I’m going to try my hand at something new.

Normally every morning, my routine roughly begins the same, alarm clock snoozes, hot shower and a big cafetière of strong coffee – not anymore!!

Lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon (I also add raw honey to alleviate the acidic smell and taste).

I chose to shot mine (in memory of the good old days) but you can add hot water and sip it as a longer drink if you should do choose.


  • X2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • X2 tablespoons lemon juice (from fresh lemons not shop bought)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Dash of cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey (available at most supermarkets or wholefoods)

Then mix it all together and then only for the brave – straight down the hatch!

Ps…ok I still have the coffee afterwards!! But I’m human and breaking myself into 2018 with a cushion!

Pps also sneaking into shot is my overnight yogurt, banana and blueberry oats – these are delicious!!

Let me know how it goes?! I will keep you posted with how long it lasts for me…



NBA Basketball

Last night, I was taken to my first basketball game and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Highlights for me included chanting “D-Fence!”, listening to the national anthems from USA and UK, cheerleaders (shaking their umm… pom poms), trick shots during an amazing half-time floor show and also having “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” blasted through the 02!

Denver Nuggets ended a five-game losing streak with a 140-112 victory over the Indiana Pacers in the NBA’s Global Games series.

Some photos from the game:



Gym bag essentials

HELLO 2017!!! 

With all the mince pies and Christmas pudding now having been eaten I think I need to head back to the gym and restock the kitchen cupboards with healthy superfoods and super duper juices (I like Daily Dose) . At the end of last year I broke my finger playing netball and then had my appendix taken out which meant I had the perfect excuse to avoid the gym. However, I can’t avoid it forever so January when everyone else is heading to the gym seems like a good starting point for me too!! 

I will keep you posted on my healthy January New Years resolutions, but for now here are some top gym bag essentials:

  1. Trainers (I got mine matched to my running style at Profeet on Fulham Rd)
  2. Ipod – sweet running playlist or I use Spotify (an armband will keep this from slipping out your sweaty hands) 
  3. Headphones
  4. Hairbands- ALWAYs carry spares, my whole gym routine is ruined if I cannot tie back my messy mane! I recommend invisibobbles because these shouldn’t leave a kink your hair.
  5. Facewipes
  6. Dry Shampoo and Tangle Teaser
  7. Sports Bra
  8. Trainer Socks
  9. Reusable Water Bottle
  10. Snack – banana for afterwards 
  11. Lip Balm – eos
  12. Towel (some gyms provide small and large towels)

Optional extras:

  1. Baseball cap 
  2. Wrist/ankle weights
  3. Padlock – keep your belongings safe
  4. Swimsuit/ goggles/ swim cap 

I am going to try and book on some classes so at least this way I cannot wimp out. 



Royal Parks Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon 09.10.16

img_8925_2I am writing this sat with a hot water bottle underneath my back and a huge piece of homemade banana bread with a big mug of tea on my lap. My back aches, my feet have two very prominent blisters (too much information…?) and after a fire evacuation test at work nearly caused me to fall flat on my face (stairs are no longer my friend!) But a big fat smug smile on my face. I COMPLETED THE HALF MARATHON.

Sometimes, you have to put your mind to the matter at hand, dig deep and persevere. Which was rather the case on Sunday, I stupidly had not put in the training or thought through anything further than a running playlist and a big bowl of pasta the night before. My mum signed me up for the run ages ago as part of my birthday present. She completed this half a few years ago (and yes… she did it quicker than me). Mum told me it was a beautiful route to run and it really is; it is fairly flat and well marshalled with lots of water/ Lucozade hydration points.

Also on Sunday we were incredibly lucky with the weather, this meant perfect race conditions (no excuses).


Sunday reminded me of a few things:

  1. I love London. The course guides you through four of London’s eight Royal Parks; Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. Each one full of amazing supporters cheering you along at every mile.
  2. I have some amazing friends, a big thank you to those who turned up to support me (an especially big thanks to Charlotte who handmade a rather fetching mask of my face to cheer me along, for bringing prosecco to the finish line and then watching me eat half of Knightsbridge McDonalds as my celebratory feast)
  3. Jelly Babies are an undervalued race snack (desk snack, handbag snack and travel companion – why stop at just resigning these babies to race food?)
  4. A little splash of peppermint oil on your sleeve/running shirt helps with your breathing and kept me going in the more difficult parts (sounds ridiculous, and I did not believe it could work either- but trust me give it a go- what have you got to lose?)
  5. Maybe a little training might be worth while as my legs/lower back are in agony today. Knowing now that I can complete the race and in two hours- I am fully determined to try again having trained for it to see what improvements can be made.

img_8914_2A huge congratulations to those that took part (especially those carrying army gear and those wearing fancy dress). Whether it was for charity, pure fitness or for fun – join me in treating yourself and dine out on your achievement for a little bit.

  • Over £25m raised for great causes
  • 16,000 runners
  • 4 Royal Parks
  • 377 charities
  • 1 amazing experience

If anyone wishes to join the run for next year on the Royal Parks 10th Birthday see info here.





Where can you watch the Olympics?

The 2016 Olympics kicked off last Friday, promising lots of sporting events to keep us entertained over the next few weeks. Today was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching the Brownlee brothers IMG_7337_2winning gold and silver medals in the Olympic triathlon.

It got me thinking about making the most of the recent good weather and instead of watching sports on my sofa at home I should explore my viewing options.

There are two fan zones:

  1. Beach East, Stratford (bring Rio’s sand to you); and
  2. The Scoop in London Bridge.

Today’s chosen big screen:

Broadgate Exchange Square offers a huge screen in close proximity to lots of great lunch spots.

Other big screens:

  • Summer Screen in Canary Wharf
  • Pop fields in Pop Brixton
  • St Katharine’s Dock in Tower Hill
  • Paddington’s Merchant Square
  • Boxpark in Shoreditch
  • Rio in Dalston
  • The Refinary Bankside
  • Regent’s Place in North London
  • Bluebird in Chelsea

If you know anywhere else that is screening the Olympics and it is worth a visit. Please let LLM know in the comments below.



Beach Rugby 2016

I must admit I thought I had blogged about this event already…better late than never!
When: 29th July 2016  and 30th July 2016
Where: Finsbury Square, London EC2A
What: 250 tons of sand and beautiful men on a hot summer’s day battling out for the top spot.
Duration: Music, Bars and Catering until 23.00
5-a-side teams return for this event’s fourth year. Well done Boys! Great view from the office.
If you would like to enquire for 2017 and enter a corporate team click here.

IMG_6675 IMG_6663IMG_6661 IMG_6673



Standard Chartered City Race 2016

After over indulging in the south of France three weeks ago I remembered vaguely signing up for the Standard Chartered City Race…

At first, there were limited places and I had been put on a waiting list – how often do you hear back from a waiting list…barely ever! First day back into the office and I got the call up, a few injuries meant places were now available. Without thinking about the actual race prospect too much I said yes before realising that left me exactly 6 days to train. As it was a 5k and not a marathon I kept my cool (just…) surely anyone could run that in an ok time with a little training…I admit now not much training happened on holiday apart from running to the bakers in St. Maxime and to the fridge when the rose dried up!

Thursday 19:15 came about quicker than anticipated.

The run featured companies from the Accountancy, Banking, Media, Insurance and Legal sectors. Installed in all of us was a desire to finish as quickly as possible. Professional and personal competitiveness was rife and clung to the sweaty type A bodies.

I can safely say after dreading the run, it was a great event with a wonderful team spirit and a brilliant course through the closed off city roads. I only learnt afterwards that it aims to raise funds and awareness for the official race beneficiary Seeing is Believing.

Seeing is Believing is committed to help tackle avoidable blindness across the world and this year, all funds raised through the race will be used to support the ongoing East Africa Child Eye Health programme.

Lessons learnt: sometimes you have to push yourself to do things that you would not normally choose to do (you might even feel good doing it).

I bumped into a few friends from law school and the University of Exeter at the start line; maybe net year I will be able to keep up with them!

Congratulations to all those who took part.

If you were also one of the brave runners and want to check your time here.