Only read this if you want to hear about two days and one night of bliss…
We departed from Airlie beach early in the morning to make the most of our first day out at sea.

Our trusty stead was called Siska, a red hulled sailing boat (although we hardly had enough wind to ever put the main sail to use). 

The three crew were fantastic and made our trip even more incredible; then there was room for twenty-three adventurers! The weather for or trip was forecast to be horrible but it was great the whole time I was in the Whitsundays! In fact people got burnt! 

The first day was phenomenal, as soon as we set sail someone spotted dolphins alongside the boat. My friend hannah and I were by chance on the same Whitsundays tour which was lovely, we sat with our feet over the edge of the boat dangling into the turquoise sea beneath. The views of the nearby islands were stunningly beautiful. 

For lunch, Gabby (one of the fab crew) whipped up a tasty treat- I take my hat off to her for cooking for all of us in a shoebox of a kitchen! We had quiche and salad (had to hold on to the salad so it didn’t blow overboard), afterwards we had teas/coffees. 

Our first stop was Whitehaven beach- huge sea turtles pop up to say hello as we get transported from the boat to land-we had to wear incredibly figure hugging stinger suits so don’t expect any bikini shots! We sweated up to to the Hill inlet lookout point. The views here were the best thing I have ever seen, it was only turquoise water and swirled pure white sand. The photographs do not do this spot justice. It is incredible to see first hand. 

For bed, I tried to sleep in my cubby hole of a bunk but the body heat of that many people downstairs inside a boat was too much to handle so I grabbed lots of comfy clothes, my pillow and provisions then headed up to top deck. 

My plan was to sleep underneath the stars and that’s exactly what ended up happening (I was a bit achy in the morning but this was definitely a tick off the bucketlist).

The second day meant more stinger suiting and booting as snorkel and dive trips were taking place. My favourite spot was Blue Pearl Bay (caveat- I did see a huge Reef shark and nearly cried into my mask, I’m not so sure about the whole “they are more scared of you than you are of it story!”) when I regained composure we went to another snorkel spot. 

I was so gutted to finish this trip it really was fantastic! 

Also the after party in Down Under bar was pretty great too. Lesson of the night a tall glass in Aus is called a Schooner. 



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